Offering Comprehensive Solutions

LCS offers a complete line of HVAC, Building Automation and Fire Alarm Services:

Commercial HVAC service Building Automation
Preventative Maintenance Programs CRAC units and Critical Applications
HVAC new construction and remodel Fire Alarm Systems
24-Hour On-Call Emergency Service 24-Hour Fire Alarm Monitoring

LCS offers a level of service that is far above the standards of today's market. The new line of intelligent HVAC and controls equipment is more challenging to work on, and the competition tends to avoid these challenges. LCS embraces this new technology and it is reflected by our growing customer base.

For many years, customers have only needed sub-par service companies to work on old, antiquated HVACR and EMS equipment. The condition of the industry today is such that the newer, more efficient HVACR equipment requires a company like ours - strong in electronic and DDC knowledge.

At LCS, our experience and knowledge sets us above the standard.




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